Benefits of Using a VoIP Phone System in Business

Benefits of Using a VoIP Phone System in Business

Did you know that, according to FinancesOnline, a business can save 90% on international calls by using VoIP technology? Additionally, a business can save on operational costs, local call bills, and phone bills.

Saving costs is just one of the many benefits that come with a VoIP phone system at your business.

Have you ever felt like you’re spending way too much time on the phone, having to direct calls constantly to different people in your business? Or have you ever wished that you could find a way to record client calls so that it would be easier to gather client data?

With VoIP for business, you can get all this and more. In this article, we’ll discuss all the different benefits of VoIP.

That way, you can decide if it’s right for your business and choose the right VoIP phone system for your business. Read on to learn more.

Benefits of Using a VoIP Phone System in Business

Increased Mobility and Flexibility

Some of the biggest business benefits of VoIP are increased mobility and flexibility. You can integrate many different elements of your business into your business’s VoIP phone system, such as e-fax, e-mail, and software programs.

Additionally, you can host remote conferences online. If you run your business from home or have a remote work team, this type of flexibility means that you’ll still get down to business every day.

Because every aspect of your communications system is based online, your business team can make calls and join conferences from anywhere.

Whether they’re at home or on vacation, they’ll be able to make it to the next business meeting.

It’s also easy to speak on the phone while using other applications on your computer. For example, if you need a client’s information in front of you while you speak with them, this business solution gives you that flexibility.

Low Cost

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” What this means in a way that’s easier to understand is that your phone system utilizes Internet Protocol when you make a call. Your communication isn’t traveling through phone lines the way it usually would.

Instead, it’s being carried as data, in the form of packets, through the IP network.

This IP network might be an IP that’s directly connected to your phone or your Internet connection itself.

When you aren’t using a VoIP, and you’re placing calls on traditional phone lines, you’re paying quite a lot of money for your communications.

This is because, when you’re making a call over a phone line, there are two people using it to communicate. Because there’s a physical limit to how many lines can be installed, the calls made over a landline are pretty pricey.

When it comes to long-distance and international calls, they’re downright expensive.

However, if your communications are based online, it’s far cheaper to make calls. This is because the information is being carried through data packets instead of on a phone line.

If you make long-distance calls with a VoIP phone system, they’re usually free if they’re within the continental US.

As for international calls, you may have to pay some money—but it will still be far cheaper than using a traditional phone line.

Software and Hardware Are Cost-Effective

There’s an additional feature of VoIP business phone systems that makes them cost-effective. The software and hardware that you need to use with them are also cost-effective. For example, if you need to use a conferencing platform, it won’t be pricey.

This also saves you money because you won’t have to completely rebuild your business’s infrastructure.

Everything is either online or on your computer. Additionally, the best VoIP providers provide you with all the software and hardware you need.

This means it will be covered by your service and they’ll simplify the installation process for you.

It will also be the best, most up-to-date software and hardware for your VoIP system, so you can be assured that it will work as smoothly as possible.

Great Call Quality

Have you ever had issues understanding someone on the other end of the line when you’re making a long-distance call? Maybe your customers have been annoyed with a crackling sound, which leads them to switch to another business entirely.

If you’ve had any of these problems, then you can be sure that you’ll solve them all by using a VoIP line.

Some people worry that the quality of calls made with VoIP services might not be good. After all, we’ve all experienced issues with Zoom or Skype where the camera seems to freeze up.

However, VoIP technology is incredibly modern. Additionally, with Internet services being so impressive these days, you won’t have any issues with your connectivity, either.

As a result, the voice you hear on the other side will be crystal-clear (and your voice will be, too). Not only will it be at least as clear as on an ordinary phone call, but it might be even higher quality.

Many Impressive Features

There are some impressive features that come with VoIP phone services. For example, if your client calls you and leaves a voicemail, this can be forwarded in a variety of ways. These include through a mobile app, over email, text, and instant messaging, and more.

As a result, whatever it is that your client needs, anyone you give permission to have it can access it.

If there are some people in your business who handle customer service, you can forward this voicemail to them easily, so they can manage it from wherever they are.

You’ll also have the voicemail accessible to you online. So, if it’s a different type of voicemail where you need to pull it up to see what the client has said (for example, you run a law firm and need to note things down), you can do so.

In addition to communicating with your team more easily, the features of a VoIP phone system make it easier for you to get in touch with your clients.

For example, you can send them an SMS at any time, without having to make a phone call.

If you have to remind them of an appointment or an invoice that’s due, you can easily automate this process. As a result, you won’t forget to send these important messages, no matter how busy you are with your business.

Additional Features

You can also use softphones and mobile apps with a VoIP phone service. This is even for complex processes such as checking voicemails and transferring calls. You don’t even need a business phone. However, if you prefer them, you can use VoIP with them.

Because your employees can access the phone system on additional devices, this gives them flexibility when it comes to where they can work from and how they answer calls.

If their computer isn’t with them because they’re getting repairs done, they can still use another device to get to those pressing customer queries or concerns.

Additionally, if you’re traveling often, you can speak with your customers from anywhere, even on your cell phone in an airport lounge.

There are some advanced features you can get with your VoIP system. These include call center monitoring that’s real-time, modern video conferencing, reporting, advanced statistics, and call recording.

If it’s important for you to track all of your calls and client details, these features can be incredibly effective in improving your business processes.

In addition to having everything you need on hand, you can improve your business strategies with the reporting and advanced statistics information you now have.

Increased Productivity

Because it’s now easier for your employees to multi-task, you’ll increase productivity within your business. They no longer have to switch between their phone and their computer. Instead, they’ll have everything they need in front of them on their screen.

Additionally, you can re-allocate some of your business’s funds into other parts of your business. This is because of all the money you’ve saved by no longer paying for phone calls made on traditional phone lines.

You’ll also save time on hosting meetings. Instead of having a complicated setup, you can easily host virtual meetings.

It’s also easy to share data and documents while in these meetings. This means that you and your clients (or potential partners or funders) can see all the important information needed for the meeting while communicating with you.

Also, because of the great call quality, you’ll have fewer dropped calls and lagging transmission. Clients won’t be frustrated with these problems, which means that your productivity on calls will go up.

If you have a sales team that has struggled with these issues in the past, their productivity will go up.

Streamlined Client Communications

Many companies are no longer using voicemail to communicate with their clients. This type of communication is starting to be outdated, which is why big players like JPMorgan Chase and Coca-Cola are no longer using them. Why is this?

Listening to voicemails takes an incredible amount of time. In addition to having to wait for the whole message and record the information, you’ll then need to take a step back and analyze it.

You have to ask yourself questions such as, “What is the client actually asking?” and “How can I help them if they don’t even understand the problem?”

A VoIP phone service makes it totally unnecessary for you to use voicemail, completely modernizing the way you take your calls work.

You can make all the decisions, designing the system to work for you. You can decide on how your calls ring and where.

For example, let’s say that an important potential business partner is calling your office. You can design the system so that the phone rings a few times in your office.

Then, if you don’t answer it (maybe you’re out for lunch or at home), it won’t go to voicemail.

Instead, the call can go to your laptop or mobile device. As a result, the call will come through and you can answer it in a timely manner.

This potential business partner will be impressed with how quickly you’ve answered their call. They also won’t have to be frustrated by having to leave you a long, detailed voicemail.

Additionally, a VoIP system modernizes the way you send faxes. You can easily e-fax any documents that have to be urgently sent.

Very Reliable

Many people think that, if they lose their Internet, their VoIP phone system won’t work. However, this isn’t the case at all. If the online network at your office stops working, calls will simply be forwarded to devices such as mobile apps.

You won’t miss any calls. In fact, it’s a better solution than a traditional phone system, where you can’t use your phones if there’s a blackout or the power goes out in your building.

No matter what the weather is outside, you can still make and receive calls.

Need More Information on the VoIP Phone System Solution?

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