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Based in Marco Island, we are equipment and services providers for all the major local, long-distance, and internet providers, servicing the Greater Naples and SW Florida Area for over 30 years.

We do the work of securing multiple provider estimates and allow your business needs to dictate the best alternatives. Now you can choose from all the major carriers without having to endlessly repeat your requirements to multiple salesmen.


Everybody knows RingCentral, Vonage and perhaps 8 x 8. They have great marketing departments and spend millions in advertising, both print and television. Their systems are really good, but as we all know there’s a marked difference between good and great.

Intermedia is one of those companies that has been riding under the radar for years. They provide phone systems month-to-month with free high-end color display phones and include such advanced features as company-wide call recording at no additional cost. Mobile apps are also included with every seat allowing you to make and receive calls from your cell phone showing the outbound caller ID of your business, not your cell phone.  It cannot be overstated how difficult it is to find a reliable provider that doesn’t nickel and dime you on features or lock you into a long-term contract.

TPx is the former Pacific Telecom, now merged with a high-end east coast VoIP company providing nationwide service. They supply on-site installation and service by certified technicians with little or no upfront cost. As well, TPx provided hundreds of phones throughout the northeast for The Kraft Group, the governing body for the New England Patriots. Additionally, they provide many auxiliary network back-up services such as SDWAN reasonably and reliably. TPx is the only national provider that guarantees their pricing with a two year ‘Meet or Release’ clause, which means that after two years, if you find a lower price from another provider with similar services, they will meet that price or release you from the agreement.

Here at Metrodata we specialize in ‘under the radar providers’ and are glad to prepare multiple quotes for the best companies you never heard of so you may pick and choose the system and services that best meet your priorities. Call us today at 239-296-5300 for your free, no-obligation Metrodata analysis!