Top 12 Benefits of Using a Business Phone Service

Business Phone Service

In 2022, in the U.S. alone, the VoIP industry is worth $17 billion. A VoIP phone system is a service that helps you optimize your business’ communication capabilities and reduces your phone service budget.

Talking to customers on the phone is only one aspect of your business, you want to make a true connection with them and improve communication. A business phone service offers so much more than just a standard landline service.

Do you want to know more about how VoIP services work and how you can reap the benefits of a business internet phone service? Then please keep reading this informative post to discover the 12 benefits of using a business phone service below.

Business Phone Service

1. A Business Phone Service Can Save Your Business Money

With a business phone service, there’s no need for costly installations. It does not require running any extra phone lines into your business either.

But you’re probably wondering how VoIP services work. A Voice over IP, or VoIP, phone service works by linking with your business’ existing internet connection. It transforms analog audio signals into digital data that transmit over the internet, making your landline system a thing of the past.

You’ll save on maintenance and repair costs since a dedicated VoIP phone system provider will handle the management of all of the necessary software and hardware aspects of business communication technology.

Using a business internet phone service can also save your business money on monthly operating costs. Small businesses especially can save up to 45% per month off of their traditional landline phone service budget. That’s a substantial savings that can help a small business gain a better financial foothold.

It cuts out the high cost of a landline phone service bill, leaving you with just the WI-FI portion of your phone service budget. You’ll save more money in the long run on maintenance, installation, and operational costs.

2. You Can Use a VoIP Phone System from Almost Anywhere

Tending to your business and the needs of your clients or customers is of the utmost importance. But there can be issues that may arise that would otherwise prevent you from conducting business as usual.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic at the start of 2020, also came the closure of many non-essential businesses. The use of VoIP video conferencing and voice chat rose by a record 212% in response to this.

The use of a business phone service allowed businesses to maintain some semblance of normalcy. It transformed a personal smartphone into a device for business use by allowing it to become a VoIP phone system.

As a result, businesses could use it for calling and texting customers and clients under the business number. Not the phone user’s personal cell phone number. The recipient only saw the business number and did not flag the phone call as spam.

3. A Business Internet Phone Service Allows for Employees to Work Remotely

Just like you are able to communicate with clients and customers through your smartphone as a VoIP phone system, so are your employees. Almost 1 out of every 3 employees works for a remote-work-only company.

With new COVID-19 outbreaks, childcare availability, transportation costs, and other health concerns still at the forefront of many working environments, the need for a safer way to work has risen. This has prompted businesses to seek out other alternatives for their employees.

A business phone service permits employees to work remotely from home. They can use their home internet connection or log into a remote business internet phone service to work safely from their home.

Another great benefit that goes along with this is its cost-effectiveness. Since it is much cheaper to employ a hybrid or even fully remote workforce overall due to the reduction in overhead costs. VoIP can connect your remote teams with reliable business phone services.

From high-definition video to voice solutions and multi-function conferencing capabilities, the workplace of the future from home is now even more attainable.

4. VoIP for Business Improves the Customer Service Aspect

The customer service aspect of a business can make or break your reputation. Customers who experience a bad level of customer service are quick to take to rating sites to voice their opinions to other potential customers. Google and Yelp lead the pack for influential customer reviews.

71% of consumers prefer talking to a business over the phone, particularly small businesses. Talking to customers on the phone can be tricky. There are a number of problems that can lead to dissatisfied customers such as:

  • long waits to talk to a human representative
  • wading through complicated menu options
  • having their calls dropped
  • a constantly ringing phone with no answer
  • poor call quality

All of these factors can deter them from your business. But a business phone line can help you streamline the connection process and handle call transferring with ease.

You can offer your customers personalized greetings, custom lead menu options, hold music, and even a virtual receptionist or voice response option to improve customer satisfaction. Your customers also receive crystal clear call quality over the internet.

5. VoIP Provides Detailed Business Analytics

A business phone service takes the guesswork out of discovering your business’ key analytic data. For example, you can see what the average amount of time spent per call or the average length of the calls your business receives.

You may also want to see what your rate of resolution is for calls the first time through. The VoIP phone system tracks and stores this data for you. It provides you with all of the necessary information on your customers and on your business as a whole so you can be more up-to-date.

Access call logs to see information such as your peak call times and the average number of calls you receive in a day. You can also utilize features like call recording and call monitoring to see if there are any areas you need to improve upon for future calls.

6. A Cloud-Based VoIP Phone Service Keeps Your Data Safe and Secure

In the digital era, keeping data accessible from a central location is essential. But keeping this precious data secure is also crucial. The cloud-based VoIP phone service keeps all of the data securely stored in the cloud.

It is easily accessible by those who possess the right credentials. Otherwise, it is encrypted behind a firewall to prevent computer hackers and cyber attack malware from accessing this important and private information.

Cloud-based VoIP hosted providers also take on the job of updating the software. They provide the necessary upgrades and fixes, such as security patches, to keep your phone system running smoothly.

In the event of a power outage, a VoIP phone system can also forward to devices like smartphones and laptops regardless of the user’s location so there are no communication breaks in your business phone service.

7. A VoIP Business Phone Increases Efficiency and Productivity

Businesses need to adapt to the modernized structure of today’s technological world. Those that don’t are destined to fail. Business communication technology like a VoIP phone system is designed to help businesses take on this modern work world.

When you use a business phone service, it enables your business to concentrate a majority of your business’ communications through a central hub. So whether your employees work in the office or from home this simplifies the process and makes everything easier.

All of the information is right there in front of them so there are fewer steps to take when answering calls. Accessing caller data increases productivity and efficiency. As well as increasing connectivity amongst co-workers.

Messaging features allow employees to communicate with one another seamlessly and create a more efficient workflow.

8. VoIP Allows You to Automate Your Workflows

Automation isn’t just for big corporations. Even small businesses can achieve improvements to their productivity and save money through the process of workflow automatization of certain business aspects.

With a VoIP provider, your software updates are automatic. You’ll always have the latest software, so there is less of a need to devote a large chunk of the day to handling large downloads and maintenance on your own.

You can enable the use of a virtual receptionist to answer and direct calls automatically. So it saves your employees time spent on the phone and lets them focus on other aspects.

You can also track the location and progress of your employees within the system. This shows the status of your employees and who is available or unavailable on another task, so there’s no guesswork involved.

9. VoIP Integrates With Existing Customer Service Tools

There’s no doubt that the ability to make calls from anywhere through a business phone service is one of the top advantages of using a VoIP phone service. VoIP can take this service a step beyond by also integrating with other software and customer service solutions, like those used by your employees for managing customer calls.

This business communication technology can turn almost any device into a communication portal. Customer service tools and sales connect to the cloud-based business internet phone service.

It cuts down on the need for multiple programs or apps. VoIP allows you and your employees to access any pertinent customer data from a desktop app or mobile device so you can stay on top of a caller’s history.

You can keep your finger on the pulse of your business with ease through VoIP integration with customer service tools.

10. VoIP Features Enhance Your Business Functions

The many features of VoIP services give you access to a broad range of additional components that support your everyday business functions.

With a cloud-based business phone service, you can field more customer calls without the hassle of adding physical phone landlines to your offices. You can also reduce call disruptions through smoother transferring and routing features.

For customer service features, you can offer your callers employee listings or specific department directories to narrow down the area where the call should be directed.

Share custom greetings depending on a set schedule or a certain time of year, such as December holiday pleasantries. You may also provide a selection of soothing on-hold music to compensate for longer than normal wait times. You can even have the caller’s name announced before transferring the call to give them a more personalized service experience.

11. VoIP Offers Solutions to Upgrade and Grow Your Business

VoIP providers give your business adaptability so you can tailor the solutions you want to meet the demands of your business needs and its size. So, if you need to add a call center or simply want to change your locations, your VoIP phone service changes with your business.

Many of the features provided by a business internet phone service come standard with a VoIP phone service. Allowing you to add services to your existing service with little or no additional cost.

This makes it simple and affordable to grow your business. Without incurring higher costs or having to change your service provider.

A VoIP business phone service allows you to easily upgrade your system in a matter of minutes. With no inconvenience dealing with complicated installations or the need for any further equipment. You can be certain that your business phone service is always prepared.

12. VoIP Ensures Business Continuity

With the uncertainties still lingering from COVID-19’s effects, there’s no telling when another crisis may arise that can impact business closures.  Another shutdown could leave unprepared businesses in the lurch.

No matter what the situation may be, using a VoIP business phone service ensures that your business continues as usual. Routing customer calls to smartphones, desktops, laptops, and even tablets can keep your employees and customers connected and your business open. Your employees can continue to work from any location or device with an internet connection.

Your customers will also still be able to get the support they need. You can set customized and automated messages to keep your customers in the loop of when you may be open for normal business again.

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