The Metrodata Advantage

Consultative Approach

Metrodata Systems consultative approach will provide you with numerous provider options and allow your business needs to dictate the best system alternatives.  Choose from all the major carriers without having to endlessly repeat your requirements to multiple salesmen.

30 Years of Service & Knowledge

Based in Manhattan, we are equipment and services providers for all the major local, long-distance and internet providers, servicing the greater New York/New Jersey Metro area for over 30 years.

Easy Installation

New VoIP systems are now available with minimal upfront costs and come with 24/7 Customer Support and Caller ID as standard.  Ongoing equipment maintenance charges are so twentieth century!

Comprehensive Tri-State Area Coverage

With Metrodata Systems, your business has access to service providers that cover New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The power of Comcast, Verizon, Altice, and more is now at your fingertips!


A message from our CEO, Ron Caspari

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