“BUYING” a new phone system for your business can mean literally no upfront cash outlay whatsoever!

How can that be???

Years ago, when you bought a new phone system for your office, it meant a substantial capital expenditure of thousands of dollars. You had to buy the cabinet that hung on your wall with the appropriate amount of printed circuit boards to accommodate your lines and phones. Not to mention the associated labor cost to have a certified professional onsite to install, program and train. No longer.

Today, buying a new cloud based phone system for small business simply means engaging a cloud-based provider to send you provisioned IP phones which you plug in to your existing ethernet connections at everyone’s desk, and then call an 800 number to onboard the service. The phones are free (rental or lease to purchase), the service costs are minimal monthly recurring charges that are NOT IN ADDITION to your current monthly charges to the phone company, but IN PLACE of those charges, usually resulting in a discount to your current ongoing charges.

Companywide Call Recording, Mobility Options with complete failover and redundancy, Full File Collaboration, 50 party Video Conferencing functionality are all included. Free. No nickel and diming here. No consultation fees and no high pressure sales tactics ever. We’ve been consultants to the telecom industry for the better part of four decades and will provide you with a wide array of choices.

Take the ‘Metrodata Challenge’. We’ll review your current bills and provide you with multiple quotes from such top names as Vonage, Ring Central, Mitel, TPx and Intermedia.

There’s nothing to lose and no obligation. We can even provide you with month-to-month alternatives. Schedule your free web-based analysis today!