Upgrading Your Office Phone System: Does it (Really) Save You Money?

Upgrading Your Office Phone System Does it Really Save You Money

Did you know that when you upgrade to a VoIP phone system you’ll have 60% fewer security incidents compared to those stored on traditional servers? When it comes time to upgrade your office phone system, there are a lot of factors to consider. How much money will the new system save you in the long […]

13 Things You Should Know About Business Phone and Internet Providers

Business Phone and Internet Providers

Are you in the market for a new business phone and internet provider and not sure what to look for? Don’t worry, we know it’s a minefield of information out there and we’ve got your back! Check out our list of 13 things you should know before signing up with any business phone and internet […]

Florida Phone Systems: The Pros and Cons of VoIP vs Landlines for Your Business

Florida Phone Systems

If you’re looking at Florida phone systems available for your business, then you might be thinking about whether you want to use VoIP or landlines for your business. After all, VoIP is a big trend among many businesses, especially ones that have many of their employees working from home. At the same time, many businesses […]

9 Advantages of Voice Over IP Service for Home

Voice Over IP Service For Home

Did you know that Voice Over IP (VOIP) is no longer the exclusive tool of large businesses? VOIP has come of age. Even small residential phone users can enjoy ditching their wired phones and switching to VOIP phone systems. In our post COVID world, we all have been affected in some way or another, and […]

How Does an IP Phone Work?: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

How Does an IP Phone Work

Did you know that, according to Global Market Insights, the market size of the VoIP industry was $30 billion in 2020? Additionally, this industry is expected to grow with a compounded annual growth rate of 15% between 2021 and 2027. If you’ve been thinking of getting an IP system for your business, then you might […]

8 Tips on Choosing Phone Systems for Law Offices

Phone Systems For Law Offices

Did you know that, according to U.S. News, 56% of Americans were “sometimes” or “always” working from home in January 2021? In April 2021, this percentage was even higher, hitting the percentage of 70%. This was in large part in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The way businesses operate has changed significantly during this time, […]

Benefits of Using a VoIP Phone System in Business

Benefits of Using a VoIP Phone System in Business

Did you know that, according to FinancesOnline, a business can save 90% on international calls by using VoIP technology? Additionally, a business can save on operational costs, local call bills, and phone bills. Saving costs is just one of the many benefits that come with a VoIP phone system at your business. Have you ever […]

Voice Over IP: What Is VoIP and How Does It Work?

What Is VOIP and How Does It Work

Did you know that, according to Finances Online, there were 1 billion mobile Voice Over IP users in the US in 2017—and that the number of VoIP users is expected to be 3 billion by this year? These statistics come as no surprise, given that this technology is so useful for so many businesses. If […]